Saturday, 12 May 2012

last piece of the puzzle :)

A puzzle is not complete without its last piece, this goes the same with ur outfits. it will not look complete without any accesories. so here are a few things im selling to complete the outfits that u have at home.

Staring of is with a cute green heart shape handbag :)u can either make it a tote or even sling it to make it look less like a datin and more of a teenager. this handbag im selling for RM25 and this price is WITHOUT the mailing price :) Mailing price is charge about RM7.

Next is a cute fabric cheetah belt, that is rm 20 ( including postage)

lastly im selling necklaces :) there 3 different necklaces with cute details on it :)

Pick me # 1 RM20 ( including postage)

Pick me #2  RM20 ( including postage)

Pick me # 3 Rm20 ( including postage)

lacey macy :)

i always loved lace especially laces that are colorful. And lucky for me i found a really cute lacey top that i will like to call it " lacey macey". this top is olive green with cute flowery lace on it and can be worn either with jeans or as usual turn it to something formal :)

Lacey  macy Rm 25 ( including postage)

here is the material up close :)

As usual, here are the tips :)
what im wearing is actually a tube dress but i changed it into a high waist skirt and to really make it look  fun and cute, i added the olive green lace top with a brown tudung to add more color :) make it simple by wearing a brown or nude gladiators

or make it formal :)
wear a white or pastel shirt on the inside to make it look formal , then try adding a tudung that is NOT green cause it will b dull adding d same color :) since it is a formal look, add pearly necklace and not to add more color to the look, i wore a grey velvet flats :)

lazy susan :)

there are days when we r just so lazy to dress up so pretty n nice, sometimes u feel like just  pulling ur tshirt and cardigan from d wardrobe and wear that to anywhere that day. so here is sort of the solution for your lazy days :) i have with me is the " boyfriend's shirt" , it is an oversize shirt with cute details on it and only available in navy blue :) you can wear it anywhere even make it a formal wear, and the tips on wearing it is also available, have fun !

Lazy susan RM35 ( including postage)

Tips :)

make it cute with a turban and a necklace that contrast with the shirt :)  flats are usually the best shoes in ur lazy shoes ;)


its ok to mix pastel colors togther as they usually blend in nice :) try making it a fun look with a cute printed tudung or shawl